Air Freight Forwarding

In air cargo transportation, we understand that timeliness and punctuality are essential for clients. At Al Kamal, we fulfill our responsibility of transporting your cargo to the desired destinations safely.

In order to offer clients the most responsive service possible, our Air Cargo specialists maintain close relationships with all airlines. Our specialists have many years of experience in the area of air cargo shipments. They are dedicated to using their knowledge to achieve speed, economy, precision and safety.

Import By Air
A team of knowledgeable staff who will import a tiny parcel to large machinery from anywhere in the world. Having close relationships with agents across the globe we can arrange the best routing along with excellent rates which cannot be beaten. We can custom clear your goods within a few hours of the arrival and delivery can be made on the same day at reasonable prices. We also have a 24 hour number for our customers to advise us of any urgent shipments that may arrive after office hours.

Export By Air
Exporting could not be easier with Al Kamal. We specialize in managing the movement of any weight of cargo of all shapes and sizes at reasonable rates. We will monitor your shipments from the time it leaves your premises until it reaches its destination.

Import & Export by Al Kamal Shipping Co. will ship any package whatever the size or weight using prominent shipping lines. We have a very good working relationship with all major shipping lines, which work closely as a team to ensure total customer satisfaction. All our staff are extremely knowledgeable which will always provide a wide range of options to adapt and satisfy your budget and time constraints. We recognize that freight forwarding is no longer a simple matter of carrying goods from A to B. The provision of logistics, packing and insurance in a cost-effective package is a must in today's competitive market.





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