Meeting with Palestinian importers  Wednesday, October 21, 2009



“October 20th, 2009 saw Al Kamal Paltrans, Partner of the DB Schenker Network take a further step towards enhancing its relationship with some of the biggest importers of Palestine as it introduces Michael Barber, Schenker’s Middle East Regional Sales Manager, to about 120 Palestinian importers in Ramallah at Mirador Restaurant in Al Mannah Center. Listening to Mr. Michael present Schenker as a company looking to work for Palestine as a separate state from Israel caught the ears of the Palestinian importers as not only a step towards independency politically but also economically. Having heard that the globally DB Schenker wished to work with Palestine as Palestine and not Israel really struck everyone as a step towards improvement in the Palestinian market.  The goal of this event was to listen to our customer’s suggestions, wants, and needs for shipping services when importing their products into Palestine . Together, Al Kamal and DB Schenker, took under consideration these suggestions and look forward to achieving these services for Palestine and its importers.”






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